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Bridge Church-Wide Fast 2014

Posted by Josh on

  For many in our church body, The Rhythm of Grace series has been a season of  true spiritual awakening, and we're excited to announce that The Bridge is joining together in a church-wide fast to close out the series this week. Fasting is a season of hungering after God...

A Simple Way To Meditate

Posted by Josh on

What is meditation? Simply put, meditation is "devotional thinking about the Scriptures". Like a wine-taster swirls a drink around in her mouth to savor it and taste all its subtleties and nuances, meditating on the Bible is "swirling Scripture around in your mind" to taste it in your heart...

Doses of Sanity for the New Year

Posted by on

As a parent, I know all too well that the gray, FRIGID, winter days can seem long and redundant. If undesirable weather isn't what keeps us inside for many days, then some type of contagious illness usually is. In the midst of the post-holiday doldrums, there is still dazzling truth for our...

Little Lives, Big Gospel

Posted by on

The new year is certainly in full swing and with it has come a season of record high attendance at The Bridge. What a privilege to witness the Lord drawing people in to our church building week after week to hear the good news of Jesus! As our attendance continues to climb, our need for...

Adjustments to our Missional Community Network

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

First, let me say that our staff is VERY excited about our MC (Missional Community) Network. God continues to be gracious to us and as we grow we are doing our best to get people connected to our church body and in community so they can grow as disciples. In order to be good stewards of the...

Why The Bridge is linking with the Acts 29 Network

Posted by Josh on

Today is genuinely a historic day in the life of The Bridge as today we officially became a part of the Acts 29 Network after presenting this to the church body in July. If you want to know more about Acts 29, check out the homepage (above) or a recent post from Matt Chandler (A29...

Resolved: The Gospel and New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Josh on

A few sermon series ago, people in our church body started spontaneously emailing me to ask what Scripture was being preached in WG's beforehand because they wanted to read, study, and pray the Scriptures individually or as a family before hearing them proclaimed corporately. As a pastor, I...

The Bridge is hiring a full-time Worship Pastor

Posted by Josh on

The Bridge Church exists to make the real Jesus non-ignorable in Spring Hill and far beyond. Although these last few years have been a whirlwind of rapid growth and power, we're just getting started. To build out a pastoral leadership team and set the stage for what we sense is about to...

FAMILY WORSHIP: Christmas 2.0

Posted by Craig McKown on

While we loved moving WG's earlier in the week so we could cram almost 700 people into our tiny building for Christmas WG's this week, we also value the rhythm of centering a Sunday Sabbath around Jesus in worship. To encourage this rhythm and make Jesus look big, we shot this video to help...

10 reasons to bring someone to a Bridge Christmas WG

Posted by Josh on

10. Elder Dennis is going to dress up like Cousin Eddie (black dickie + white turtleneck) and vigorously greet your friends at the front door. 9. The previous statement is patently untrue. 8. I'm planning to open the night with an acapella version of "Christmas Shoes" to get us all in the...

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