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Why we're preaching Revelation at Christmas

Posted by Josh on

This weekend – December 6th – we're launching a sermon miniseries in our WG's in the book of Revelation. When we planned the series, we knew it would leave some people wondering some version of, "REVELATION!? Did they just forget it was Christmas!?!?" In reality, this was...

3 Things Coming That Will Shape The Bridge's Future

Posted by Josh on

There has arguably never been a time when more things significant to the future of The Bridge were happening at once than this moment. Because we believe that "clarity produces unity", here are 3 MAJOR things we're excited to be rolling out that will shape the future of The Bridge. 1. 2 Hiring...

Judd Smith :: The Bridge's New Facilities Director

Posted by Josh on

The Bridge exists to see people's lives beautifully wrecked by the gospel in our city and beyond. Both in response to recent, dramatic numeric growth and out of a desire to multiply x10 in the coming years, we are in the process of relocating to a 42,000sf space that will serve as a longterm...

Bridge WG Leadership Roles

Posted by Josh on

Our conviction as Bridge leadership is that "clarity produces unity". So as we seek to structure the leadership trellis of Bridge WG's for WG's that are... Biblically / Theologically rich in content Affections-raising in tone Missionally effective in style "Gathered Family" in...

Relocation :: A Critical Update

Posted by Josh on

QUICK OVERVIEW Beginning the relocation process, our Project Development Team (PDT) approached three different design/build firms for a cost estimate on renovations to the Integrity Building. After their respective processes, those firms returned similar cost estimates to us for the...

The Bridge Is Hiring A Student Ministry Director

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

God has been doing amazing things in our Student Ministry! Over the last two years our Student Ministry has grown from 15- 115 students, led by a team of 25 incredible volunteers. With relocation upon us we expect to see even more significant growth. In order to seize the opportunity in...

Circles of Friendship

Posted by Josh on

After this weekend's SERMON on Proverbs and friendship, a surprising number of people left with questions about existing friendships... Does this mean I need to totally cut ties with some of my existing friends? If I'm going to "be the average" of my friends, should I have friendships with...

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