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How much do numbers matter?

Posted by Josh on

"How big is your church?" is the most-asked question I get when I tell someone I'm a pastor.  Most people that read this blog post will fall into one of two categories when it comes to churches evaluating attendance numbers... Why are you even counting?  This isn't an organization!...

Update from Guatemala Team

Posted by Josh on

GREAT update from John Howard, one of our elders with the team in Guatemala... Isaiah 55:8-9, this is the verse that comes to mind about our day today. When we left this morning to Choanla we had a specific plan in mind but God had His plan which was better. We had to pick up the pastor of...

Mission Guatemala, Pt. 3

Posted by Josh on

From Julie Howerton, Guatemala Team member on the field right now. It is not often that we have extraordinary moments but I had one today. After a long wild van ride we arrived at the church high in the mountains on a dirt road. Twenty families representatives were eagerly waiting because they...

Blessed with sacrifice

Posted by admin on

I am excited about  many things at The Bridge, but  none more than seeing the people God is leading into a sacrificial role of leadership in our Small  Group ministry. We currently have 7 groups and that is super, but beginning this Sunday at 7:30 am we will begin the training for...

Mission Guatemala, Day 3 and lots of pics

Posted by Josh on

Some updates from our team in Guatemala.  The pics below include the church building The Bridge built for the church in Choan-la, the Bible School the team is leading, and the food we purchased (over 1 ton) to give to 10 pastors for distribution in their areas... [gallery...

Leading in the Small Church Series (pt 2)

Posted by admin on

Use What Ya Got! Many times in the small church we devote much of our time and energy to trying to get bigger. We think "If I could just have a full band, I know people would be beating the door down to worship here!" So we go outside the church to find musicians instead of using...

Resurrection: life after "life after death"

Posted by Josh on

OK, I'm going to admit something that's a little embarrassing.  Until two years ago, I had no idea what The Bible taught about future resurrection. There, I said it. I grew up in theologically-solid churches with godly parents who loved the Scriptures, got a degree in Biblical Studies...

Mission Guatemala, Day 1

Posted by Josh on

Incredible weekend worship gathering yesterday celebrating the resurrection!  Unsurprisingly, it was (again) The Bridge's highest attendance day in her history.  Later this week I'll be posting on the Resurrection later today because there's a lot of confusion about what The Bible...

A brief history of the pagan holiday Easter

Posted by Josh on

Easter is a pagan fertility holiday. The term "Easter" was derived sometime before the year 900AD from the Anglo-Saxon pagan goddess "Eostre".  Eostre was a goddess of fertility who was said to visit the earth each Spring in the form of a hare (Easter bunnies are "hares", not "rabbits"!)...

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