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Eldership Restructure Update :: March 2015

Posted by Josh on

The analogy we use at The Bridge to understand the two categories of church leadership is that of a trellis and a vine. The growth of the gospel in people and cultures is like a vine and the systems, structures, and organization are like a trellis. The vine is what's important, but a vine can...

MY STORY: the power of an invite

Posted by Josh on

In a season in which Christ is moving among us with VISIBLE power, this cannot be emphasized enough: when you invite someone to church, you might be changing their entire families' lives. This is one message - among SO MANY - we got this week from a new Bridger... I want to let you know the...

David Foster Wallace on Worship

Posted by Josh on

American writer and intellectual, David Foster Wallace, was an award-winning, best-selling postmodern novelist known around the world for his fierce and boundary-pushing storytelling. He once wrote a sentence that was more than a thousand words long. And, tragically, he committed suicide. But...

Elder Body Restructure Update

Posted by Josh on

In two previous posts we've laid out "Why and How The Bridge is Restructuring Our Elder Body" and a general outline of the process. As we've walked through the first part of the process, we wanted to provide the church body with a brief update of where we are and where we're headed. This update...

Bridge Relocation: We Need Your Help

Posted by Josh on

For the first time since launching our relocation effort, we've reached a genuine all-hands-on-deck moment for The Bridge and all who would call themselves friends of The Bridge. In our church right now, we feel like a kite caught in a hurricane of furious grace. In January, we've continued to...

The Bridge is Hiring a Full-Time Admin Assistant

Posted by Josh on

The Bridge exists to see people's lives beautifully wrecked by the gospel in our city and far beyond. And while these last few years have been a whirlwind of grace and power, we’re just getting started. The Bridge is an Acts 29 church in Spring Hill, TN (south Nashville) that has...

Leadership Alignment: Trellis & Vine

Posted by Josh on

This post is part of a leadership alignment series as part of The Bridge Leadership Pipeline that seeks to raise up theologically-informed, philosophically-aligned leaders within the church body. If you're interested in leadership at The Bridge, CLICK HERE to sign up for the our next...

Stay-at-Home Moms, The Working Woman, and Judgmentalism

Posted by Josh on

After this week's sermon on Women and Marriage, I wanted to offer a brief pastoral word on a (crushing) tension that often silently exists between stay-at-home-moms and women who work outside the home.  To set the stage here's a quick summary of the Scriptures' teaching on gender roles...

CS Lewis on what it means to be "beautifully wrecked"

Posted by Josh on

The Bridge Church exists to see people's lives beautifully wrecked by the gospel in our city and far beyond. That's what we bleed for, and what our leaders are willing to live and die for. But what does that actually mean? Why the phrase "beautifully wrecked"? This paragraph from CS Lewis in...

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