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Confession: the deep end of the gospel pool

Posted by Josh on

PREFACE: this post was written in light of a sermon in the "Anatomy of the Soul" series, a series of sermon meditations on the Psalms. That sermon audio can be found here: The Guilty Soul In this season of my life very remarkable things are happening in my heart as a result of learning - for...

Manti Te'o and the Cross

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Unless you have been stuck in a cave somewhere you have probably heard the recent news surrounding Manti Te'o. To make sure we are on the page I want to summarize the story... Story Manti Te'o is a college football player that had what he thought was an online relationship before he was...

The Bridge is hiring a Worship Pastor

Posted by Josh on

  As we laid out in a post a couple days ago HERE, The Bridge Church is looking to hire a 30 hr per week Worship Pastor to give primary administrative, pastoral, and creative leadership to our worship gatherings. Here is a summary of the role we are looking to fill... The Worship Pastor...

Bridge vision :: where we're headed & honoring a Bridge hero

Posted by Josh on

Yesterday's worship gatherings (WG's) were a milestone in the life of our church body in a way that I needed to jot down in a quick post for people who missed. There were two main things that we communicated to the church body this weekend... HONORING A BRIDGE HERO As any Bridger knows, the...

Some thoughts on churches, building projects, and money

Posted by Josh on

In our culture in the Nashville area, few things arouse a wider array of emotional responses than the words "church building project" - usually anger, excitement, or fear. Because of this, for years I've intentionally avoided thinking or talking about this issue much because it incites such...

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