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Top o' the Monday to ya

Posted by Josh on

I'm getting home exhausted but today has been such a good day.  Both worship gatherings were full and full of activity of the Holy Spirit, there was a LOT of response to today's sermon (which is so encouraging to me), and Trunk or Treat was... well, awesome.  We think a good...

Selective Attending

Posted by admin on

Have you ever noticed how your mind can focus on things, people, events, etc. subconsciously? I remember one of my first new cars - a 1979 Monte Carlo. I remember thinking that I hadn't seen one in silver, with a landau top and spoke hubcaps - very classy at the time. After all, a guy wants a...

The Song of Lament

Posted by admin on

Josh pointed out yesterday in the message that over 60% of the Psalms are laments, where the writer is crying out to God for help. There is a big discussion in the worship community around the idea of songs of laments. If so much of the Scripture is devoted to sorrow and tragedy, shouldn't our...

Ben Lawson's secret identity?

Posted by Josh on

So here's your "Happy Monday" laugh after two of the most powerful worship gatherings I've been a part of at The Bridge yet. This was brought to my attention this week.  Our new Kids' Minister, Ben Lawson, has a picture on our site that may or may not bear a striking resemblance to The...

Thank you, Jim McCarthy.

Posted by Josh on

If you don't know Jim McCarthy, you're kind of missing out.  Jim gave his life to Jesus recently, got baptized at our last baptism service, and now he's one of our drummers and part of our Creative Media Team with video editing.  Jim recently reached out to me with this heartfelt...


Posted by admin on

The following is an excerpt from Max Lucado's book "Out Live Your Life" that I recently shared during a devotional time at work. The story is real, the significance will vary with every reader. At 7:51am, January 12, 2007, a young musician took his position against a wall in a Washington, D.C...

It's Okay to Laugh...

Posted by admin on

We should never take ourselves too seriously. It's okay to laugh at some of the stuff we do in church. I'm sure God is laughing along with us. If you don't follow the Stuff Christians Like blog. I highly recommend it. It's a dose of levity when you get a little too serious about church...

"Hurt" promo moved.

Posted by Josh on

The series starts this Sunday. [vimeo 15757036] We moved the video to a new vimeo channel our Creative Media team created.  Here's the new link to copy into your status to share on Facebook: http://vimeo.com/15757036


Posted by admin on

Many times I have gone to this chapter for comfort and solace. Psalm 139 For the director of music. Of David. A psalm.  1 O LORD, you have searched me        and you know me.  2 You know when I sit and when I rise;        you...

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