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3 incredible links for parents...

Posted by Josh on

I stopped posting links last year (for a reason I can't remember right now), but came across a few things lately that were too good not to share.  I read three posts lately on parenting that were so good I saved them to come back to in coming years.  Here's a little link-love for...

sanctification diagrams: expectation vs. reality

Posted by Josh on

Man, it's past midnight and I'm STILL buzzing from what an incredible day today was.  Not only did we set attendance records in our WG's today... and not only did our Kids' Ministry BLOW UP... and not only did we have an estimated 1500+ people at Trunk or Treat... but there were incredible...

Parent Communication

Posted by Craig McKown on

Bridge Fam, We are testing out a new way to keep parents in the loop with what their kids and teens are learning while they are at either Bridge Kids or CORE (Bridge Students). If you are anything like me, you often dismiss the numerous papers that come home with your kid. But, I bet that you...

Upcoming sermon series: 2011

Posted by Josh on

I know I say this all the time, but I'm REALLY excited about the next series coming up in November.  A bunch of people saw the artwork and thought, "That seems really weird for a sermon series" so let me explain what the series is and why it's so important. 2011 was a fascinating year for...

The role and value of musicians in the Kingdom of God

Posted by Josh on

Yesterday, in the 2nd to last sermon in the Nehemiah series the passage led us to reflect on the unique role of music in The Bible.  It's interesting that... The most often-repeated command in The Bible is to make song ("sing") The longest book of The Bible (Psalms) is a collection of...

Resource Table- Additions

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

As some of you may have notice we have some new additions to the Resource Table.  There are two main items I want to point out: 1) Minibooks by CCEF- All of these minibooks are $3.  These minibooks are great little resources that you could use for yourself or give them to someone you...

What were the 5 biggest events of 2011?

Posted by Josh on

UPDATE: I should've made this clear. We're looking for the 5 events that most captured people's attention rather than the most historically significant events. OK, we're not letting the cat out of the bag totally yet, but we're finalizing details for the next sermon series (and are REALLY...

Child Dedication

Posted by Craig McKown on

Here is a little pre-dedication post explaining why we do child dedications @ The Bridge! To begin with, a child dedication marks a significant passage in the faith journey of a parent and in the life of our church body as a whole. For the parents who bring children to be dedicated, it is a...

Need your input: pick your bumper sticker

Posted by Josh on

OK, so a lot of this is still "behind-the-scenes", but for the last few weeks we've been developing vision and strategy for something we're EXTREMELY excited about for the city of Spring Hill.  We'll be rolling out more details in the next few weeks, but we could use your help right now in...

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