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Doses of sanity for October

Posted by on

Last month’s DOS edition was mainly targeted to moms in need of a few doses of joy and encouragement. While sorting through articles and blog posts that I’ve been collecting for October, my top five favorite just happen to all be written by fathers this time. So, Dads, as you...

6 ways to become a better [young] preacher

Posted by Josh on

I’m a little timid to write this post. As a young, 30-year-old pastor I don’t think it’s my role in this season of my ministry to give counsel. It’s my role to receive it. But I remember being a (very) young preacher figuring things out and wishing there were someone only...

Stories of Missional Community

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

God has been doing a lot in our church... The "big" ones typically always get shared in Worship Gatherings, Enews, and in other ways. As the Missional Community Pastor I get to hear about all the "small" cool ways that God is working in our MCs. I have heard a lot of stories of God moving in...

9 Questions to Diagnose Spiritual Adultery

Posted by Josh on

Two weeks in, preaching through the book of Hosea is frantically attacking my own heart and the hearts of many in our church body... attacking with goodness, that is. After this week's sermon (HERE) there was an unusual number of requests for more on the concept of "spiritual adultery", so I...

Get Ready :: Halloween Block Parties!!!

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Last year we moved away from "One Big Trunk or Treat" where everyone came to us and we started over a dozen Halloween Block Parties where we went to all of our neighborhoods." It was a huge success last year. We have several people at The Bridge who first came in contact with us...

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