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Mitch Comstock: the gospel is powerful

Posted by Josh on

Mitch, don't kill me. I had to share this and figured your humility would keep you from being comfortable with me posting this so I didn't ask :) One of our House Group leaders, Mitch Comstock, sent me an email over Thanksgiving break that literally brought tears to my eyes.  Ladies and...

Cats & Dogs

Posted by admin on

Well it's been awhile since we've had a good cat vs. dog posting. I never get the last word on this since Josh usually works in a disparaging cat remark in his Sunday message to end the debate :) It is well documented that the Williams' are cat lovers. Growing up, I had lots of dogs and cats...

the greatest family game ever

Posted by Josh on

I had one of THE BEST Thanksgiving breaks I've ever had this year.  I took vacation, turned off my phone, and just spent time with precious family for a week (and gained about 2 lbs eating food).  But maybe the most fun part of this vacation was the estimated 10 hrs of game-playing the...

Plan Bs and Thanksgiving

Posted by admin on

I am reading a book that Mitch Comstock let me borrow called Plan B - by Pete Wilson. The "catch phrase" on the cover asks, "What do you do when God doesn't show up the way you though He would?" The title itself grabbed me because there are times when I thought my entire life was a Plan B! I...

Feelings Versus Reality

Posted by admin on

I was speaking to someone recently who shared that at times they didn't feel near to the Lord. This is a common problem that I've experienced often in my Christian walk. Sometimes God feels so close you could reach out and touch Him. At other times, we cry out like Jesus "My God, why have You...

What God is up to when life is hard

Posted by Josh on

The day after we finished the "Hurt" series, I ran across this post on Between Two Worlds from one of the most towering and sensitive theologians of our generation, JI Packer.  It was so good I'm just posting it below... In Knowing God (p. 97, my emphases) J. I. Packer writes about how...

A note about sermon downloads

Posted by Josh on

In response to a couple emails, just giving everyone a heads-up.  When sermon audio is posted, it's posted first to this blog and simultaneously to The Bridge podcast feed on iTunes.  Since our Creative Media Team is entirely volunteer, sometimes the audio won't be posted on the...

Family Vacation

Posted by admin on

No, this is not a post about Chevy Chase or the family truckster, but that movie was so true! Anyone who's ever dared take their family on a long vacation can laugh at everything the Griswald's encountered. Last week I took my family along on a work/vacation trip. It was a good trip and I had a...

Elder Recommendation Packet

Posted by Josh on

This is a link to a brief explanation of the Biblical qualifications for an elder found in 1 Timother 3.  As a member on mission with The Bridge, please print and review the following short document, ask the Holy Spirit for his guidance, and recommend a man or men who fit this description...

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