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My favorite Christmas present

Posted by Josh on

Jana and I are still on vacation with family this week, but I had to share this.  This was my sister-in-law's present for me this Christmas... My affinity for Spam (the second greatest meat, behind only steak) is becoming well known in Jana's family :)  Merry Christmas, Bridge...

1 SpringHill(ians) Questions

Posted by Josh on

We've been receiving questions through our website for the last couple of months for the 1 SpringHill(ians) series coming in January.  After receiving hundreds of questions over that time, we've stopped taking questions and have distilled them down to a short list of the most submitted...

Gift for Christ update

Posted by Josh on

Background for people unfamiliar with Gift for Christ: The only offering that The Bridge takes annually is our "Gift for Christ" offering at Christmas.  With the exception of a small percentage that goes to help the poor who are among our church body, EVERY CENT goes out our doors to do...

2011 Vision recap

Posted by Josh on

Believe it or not, 2011 may be the year of the most happening in the life of The Bridge that we've seen so far.  So we took this week to clearly lay out the three major emphases that leadership is focusing on for the next year.  In cast you missed them, here they are again... Expand...

2011 Emphasis #3: Build the House Group Network

Posted by Josh on

Our final major emphasis for 2011 has to do with our House Group (HG) Network, something that will become increasingly central to the identity of The Bridge.  Throughout the New Testament we get a picture of "the church" that is much different than the picture we usually carry in our heads...

2011 Emphasis #2: Align to Mission

Posted by Josh on

We're taking this blog week to roll out some of the major things that will be coming down the pike for The Bridge in 2011.  Our highest priority was laid out in yesterday's post, but a very close second is... Align the church to Mission A few weeks ago in one of the best staff meetings we...

2011 Emphasis #1: Expand the Trellis

Posted by Josh on

We're taking this blog week to talk about some of the things (some of which are MAJOR) that The Bridge will likely see in 2011.  Here's priority #1 for our church body in 2011: Expand the Trellis In the last couple years The Bridge has... Relocated from Chapman's Retreat into our fancy...

Core cancelled tonight

Posted by Josh on

Just passing along word from Alan Hood, our Student Pastor, that Core has been cancelled for tonight for our student ministry.  Stay home, stay warm, spend time with your families.  If you're extremely bummed about this news, this should brighten your day...

SNOW! (and what's coming for The Bridge next year)

Posted by Josh on

Aside from the Kids' Choir performance having to be rescheduled, I LOVED everything about last night's very unexpected snowfall.  Nothing makes me feel like a little kid again like snow. We're going to be taking the rest of the week on the blog to talk about where God is taking The Bridge...

Kids' Choir performance rescheduled

Posted by Josh on

We HATE to do this and tried to hold out as long as we could, but due to the weather worsening quickly we're having to reschedule the Kids' Choir performance that was happening tonight. Lots of wrecks being reported on I-65 and all over Spring Hill. STAY HOME!

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