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Peshawar and the Necessity of Hell

Posted by Josh on

One of the most common objections to Christianity in our culture centers around hell and goes something like this... "I can't believe in a God who would send people to hell. I believe in a God of love, not an angry judge." Sometimes it takes a tragedy to awaken us to clear thinking about our...

Christmas Eve Eve at The Bridge...

Posted by Josh on

I am unashamed to admit my FAVORITE worship gatherings (WG's) of the year every year are our Christmas Eve Eve WG's. In effort to declare with all our might God's "peace on earth and good will toward men" to every person possible, we PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS, fling open our doors to the...

6 Questions to Diagnose "Lowliness of Heart"

Posted by Josh on

It was SO SWEET to get into our Christmas series, God With Us, in WG's today. One of the striking comforts of the Incarnation accounts is the utter lowliness of how God chose to come into the world. He was... From Nazareth - a nasty, forgotten Galilean ghetto Born in a barn, left...

5 Hopes from This Is How We Change The World

Posted by Josh on

Yesterday, we finished our modestly-titled series on Biblical mission, This Is How We Change The World. I was especially burdened for this series as I believe we're standing on the precipice of of kingdom-advancement unlike anything we've seen at The Bridge before. In some ways, I think these...

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