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Posted by admin on

I'm currently reading the book Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives by Dr. Richard Swenson. My sweet, caring wife told me to read it, which is a strong hint that perhaps the margins in my life are dangerously thin. It certainly has caused me to...

What's up Bridgers!

Posted by Craig McKown on

Hey there Bridge family and friends! I just wanted to take a few quick moments and thank you all so much for welcoming my family and me to Spring Hill, TN! We have only been here for two weeks; yet, we already feel overwhelmed with love from the people of The Bridge. Scripture tells us that...

How to register for The Bridge Online Directory

Posted by admin on

NEWER POSTS WILL APPEAR BELOW THIS ONE IN FEBRUARY.  To emphasize the Online Directory during the month of February we're keeping this post at the top of the blog. __________________________________ How to register for The Bridge's Online Directory Registering for a profile in the...

Enews testing post

Posted by Josh on

THANK YOU!  By clicking the link to this post, you've let us know that you read the Enews.  This will help us evaluate our communication strategy as we try to identify the best ways to communicate with the church body for discipleship and mission.

Diagnosing your heart by its response to Truth

Posted by Josh on

One of the most helpful things any Christian can learn to do (both for personal spiritual growth and for mission) is learn to diagnose the status of a human heart - primarily your own.  There's an old Puritan saying that's really helpful for this goal... The same sun that melts the ice...

This sermon will not be rated PG-13

Posted by Josh on

I've been waiting for this week for over a month since we started the 1 Springhillians series.  This week the question we're responding to is... I am addicted to porn. How can I overcome this sin? This week's sermon isn't just addressing pornography (the church can get obsessively focused...


Posted by admin on

This word has been on my mind and in my heart the last few weeks. It's a word we use in our everyday language. We might say "I have high expectations for you", or "This has exceeded my expectations". A pregnant mom will say "Yes, we are expecting". However you use it, the meaning...

Let me make this really clear...

Posted by Josh on

My suspicion (that gets confirmed more and more each day) is that while many Christians in the south believe the gospel, VERY few understand that it is THE ESSENCE of Christianity and the Christian life.  Random bullet points about the gospel to drive this home... For anyone who's trusted...

"Should Christians support Israel?"

Posted by Josh on

While we’re taking time in our worship gatherings to hit 8 questions during the 1 SpringHillians series, there were many commonly-submitted questions that we’ll be addressing in the coming weeks on the blog instead of in a sermon.  The following is a short, wise response to the...

PG-13 sermon warning 02/15/2011

Posted by Josh on

As a result of an avalanche of questions and comments we received regarding the previous blog post on birth control, this Sunday I'll (Josh) be addressing this sensitive issue in sermon form during our worship gatherings. Due to the nature of this issue, the sermon will include material of a...

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