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What does The Bible say about how to find a spouse?

Posted by Josh on

After yesterday's WG's, a single person emailed me with a smart question about the "Relational Structure of Christian Marriage" diagram we showed (sermon audio HERE) ... "The Christians, friends, spouses picture of an existing marriage made sense to me when you explained it from The Bible. But...

Profile of a House Group Planter: Dan Kassis

Posted by Craig McKown on

Alright Bridge family, we have another House Group Plant (and more in the pipeline)! Because our HG (House Group) Network is such an essential part of what we do at The Bridge, we will continue to highlight our HG Planters on the blog and commission them our worship gatherings! As God continues...

Theology Thursday: The immanence and transcendence of God

Posted by Josh on

Theology can often be seen as unnecessary, divisive, or impractical when it is anything but. The Bible says the default mode of the human heart is idolatry – replacing the one, true God with something else in our lives. One way we fashion a false god is by imagining God as we wish he was...

My Story :: New Marriage, Same Spouse

Posted by Josh on

The following is a very honest story from Bridger Carmen Klapper about Jesus' redemption in her marriage. After this week's "New Marriage. Same Spouse" sermon, Carmen courageously offered to share how Jesus has given her a new marriage with the same spouse. Our marriages don't need to be...

8 Reasons "Real Marriage" is for Singles

Posted by Josh on

TOTALLY reposting this from Mars Hill Church (the church that produced the book we're distributing to The Bridge), but it was so good I wanted to share it here. For those of you who are single and hearing that we’re focusing on the Real Marriage content over the next...

Notes from India

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

DISCLAIMER: The vagueness of this post is for good reason.  :)  Thank you Bridge family for the prayers! The group is doing great- we are about to finish up our 2nd day here (we are 12 hours ahead of you)! God has been gracious to us by not letting any of us have serious jet lag...

Real Marriage: "The Vow"

Posted by Josh on

It's hard to imagine today being more fun.  As WG's started, HUGE snowflakes were coming down and starting to cover cars. We thought this would mean that WG's would be a ghost town... but yet again both WG's were full and the 2nd was PACKED until the kids left to open some seats. Third...

7 things to know about "Real Marriage" starting this weekend

Posted by Josh on

We're REALLY excited about the "Real Marriage" sermon series kicking off this weekend at The Bridge. By God's grace we've seen Jesus heal a lot of marriages this year and we're ready to see that continue. Further, we want single people to have a clear understanding from Jesus about marriage and...

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