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2 misconceptions about Christians and joy

Posted by Josh on

In preparation for this week's "Anatomy of the Soul" sermon, The Joyful Soul, I had two assumptions about joy in the life of a Christian that Scripture eradicated. I didn't know it until this week, but these two assumptions I've harbored have caused "stunted joy growth" in my life for...

Join What God is Doing In Haiti

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

In Acts 6 we see a problem that had arisen in the early church. A portion of the church body that consisted of widows and orphans were being neglected and someone was needed to step in and give aid to those who had no means of aiding themselves. And in Jacmel, Haiti that is what we get an...

What I'm looking for when hiring pastoral staff members

Posted by Josh on

In the last few years at The Bridge, we've been blessed to assemble a killer (though imperfect) young pastoral staff. As the church has grown, we've moved from having one full time staff member to 3 full time pastoral staff members + 4 part-time staff members, and even though our staff is...

10 ways to make sure your kids reject Christianity in college

Posted by Josh on

Jude gives the command to "have mercy on those who doubt". That's why we do a worldview / doubts series almost annually and why I consistently try to address doubts throughout my preaching: countless souls are wrestling with genuine intellectual obstacles blocking them from gospel belief. After...

PARENTING: caught vs. taught

Posted by Josh on

I noticed something very powerfully subtle The Bible was implying about parenting while reading Genesis in February. Abraham was Isaac's dad. Reading Genesis, it's clear the author is intentionally highlighting the similarities of their faiths and sins... TWICE in Genesis, Abraham told...

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