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Thoughts on stage design and sanctuary aesthetics

Posted by Josh on

I'm pounding out this blog post A) really quickly, and B) because this is an issue The Bridge is wrestling through right now and don't have perfected. Fifteen years ago, it was relatively rare for a church to ask either of the questions, "What stage design are we going to do for this sermon...

Bridge Church-Wide Fast 2014

Posted by Josh on

  For many in our church body, The Rhythm of Grace series has been a season of  true spiritual awakening, and we're excited to announce that The Bridge is joining together in a church-wide fast to close out the series this week. Fasting is a season of hungering after God...

A Simple Way To Meditate

Posted by Josh on

What is meditation? Simply put, meditation is "devotional thinking about the Scriptures". Like a wine-taster swirls a drink around in her mouth to savor it and taste all its subtleties and nuances, meditating on the Bible is "swirling Scripture around in your mind" to taste it in your heart...

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