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New Small Groups

Posted by admin on

A year or two ago I joined the Arbor Foundation and received 10 "trees" as a bonus for joining and donating about $10 I think. I planted the "trees" (2' sticks really) into small clay pots and then buried them in our front flower bed. Most of them grew well in the environment we had created for...

BridgeSH.com: A Virtual Tour

Posted by admin on

I wanted to give everyone a little site tour to point out some cool features you may have missed and answer some common questions. Podcast One of the main things we wanted to get accomplished in setting up a new site was to get a system in place for allowing people to download the weekly...

Leading in the Small Church Series (pt 1)

Posted by admin on

Most churches in the United States have an attendance of 250 people or less. I've been a ministry leader in a church of 1,500 and a church of 150. The differences are light years apart. For the next few weeks. I'm going to share blessings, opportunities...

Monday morning recap: Sex

Posted by Josh on

As usual, incredible morning in our worship gathering today.  If you missed it, you missed one of the most unique, fun, and powerful mornings I've ever been a part of... seriously.  Not only did I spend about 5 minutes talking about Solomon and calling him "Saul" (instilling confidence...

New Worship Songs

Posted by Josh on

They are Biblically rich and quality, engaging both the head and the heart.  Without further ado, new songs that Jimi and the band has been leading us in lately... - Our God, Chris Tomlin - You Alone Can Rescue, Matt Redman - Christ is Risen, Matt Maher - Hosanna (Praise is Rising)...


Posted by Josh on

UPDATE: someone sent me the video below in response to the post. Home. Run. An EXTRAORDINARY amount of Scripture is devoted to suffering.  It's a megatheme of the Bible.  Sometimes it seems like Scripture is telling you that you should be a masochist, looking forward to enjoying pain...

this sermon is rated PG-13

Posted by Josh on

As most of you know, we've hit a section of 1 Corinthians that is a preacher's nightmare.  Here are the issues we'll address in this section for the next few weeks... Church discipline Christian sexuality Marriage/Divorce Gender Roles Tongues/Miraculous gifts Navigating morally...

a followup thought on the healthcare bill...

Posted by Josh on

This, from Dr. Moore at Southern Seminary, really resonated with me after watching the fallout from many Christians in the wake of the Healthcare Reform Bill last night... Is it a problem that some of us who are tranquil as still water about biblical doctrine and missions are red-faced about...

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