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Easter Baptism Story :: Alex Adams

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This post is from Bridger, Alex Adams! She is getting baptized this Easter Sunday!  Within the past 6 months a dear friend of mine (whom I just so happened to recently reconnect with after 10 years not seeing each other) approached me about starting to disciple me. I thought it meant you...

House Group :: Easter Invites

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

One of our House Groups (Stone House Group!) got creative and decided to bless some people with sweets as they invited them to our Easter Worship Gatherings! They went to several business around our church building and handed these...

Easter Baptism Story :: Wendy Langer

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This story is from Bridger, Wendy Langer! She will be getting baptized this Easter Sunday!  “If I never set foot in church again that is just fine with me!”  I honestly believed that. Why did I need to go to church?  After all, I wasn’t a...

House Group as Missional Community Life

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Unlike a therapy group, activist group, or Bible study- House Groups are not meetings you attend. At least, not if you are looking at your House Group correctly. House Groups are not meetings you attend, they are communities you are a part of. For many people this is a major paradigm shift. Most...

3 ways the church can relate to the city

Posted by Josh on

One of my greatest burdens for The Bridge is that as we grow in size, we grow in mission. When I daydream about our future, I picture worship gatherings peppered with non-Christians who have been intrigued by the gospel through close friendships with Bridgers living gospel lives, house groups...

Who Can Be a Missional Community Leader?

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Missional Community leadership is a big deal. It is a REALLY big deal. It is a very important role for the overall health of The Bridge. Yet, A LOT more people can be MC leaders than think they can. A lot of people who would be GREAT MC leaders simply dont because they dont feel confidence to...

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