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leaders vs. critics

Posted by Josh on

One of the best things leaders can do is learn to distinguish between leaders and critics.  When people see a need for radical change they become one of two people: a leader or a critic.  This is especially true in the church with Bible knowledge (seminary students are often the worst)...

The radical life of a godly mom, pt 3

Posted by Josh on

This is the third part in a six week series.  Here are part 1 and part 2. Andrea Wandell: a heart of patience in an environment of craziness If you are one of the many moms wrestling little ones in the foyer on a Sunday morning, you are in the perfect season to learn to grow a love that...

The Power of a Righteous Life

Posted by admin on

While reading in Daniel, I was struck by the thought that Daniel's righteousness was a blessing to many - even unbelievers. In Daniel 2, the king has a troubling dream. So he rallies is top advisers and asks them to tell him not only what his dream meant, but what he dreamed as well. Of course...

Divorce: what about abuse?

Posted by Josh on

After Pastor Rick's sermon two weeks ago on the topic of divorce and remarriage, many were left asking the question, "What about abuse!?  Surely, God doesn't want a woman in an abusive relationship to stay in the marriage!" After a few email conversations with Bridgers, here are some...

The radical life of a godly mom, pt 2

Posted by Josh on

This is the second part in a 6 week series about Biblical motherhood. See part 1 here. Jennifer Williams: quiet time in the midst of loud chaos Quiet time is rare at my house.  From early morning to late night, it is bustling with activity. Quiet - the stillness and calm marked by little...

Leading in the Small Church Series (pt 4)

Posted by admin on

2 Essential Questions What is my field to plow, and am I plowing it?  These two questions came from a blog post by author and speaker Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz). His thoughts gave me incredible insight into my own perceptions of ministry and how not to get ahead of God (which I...

Subscribe to blog via email

Posted by Josh on

A couple people have asked about having new blog posts delivered to your email account.  Jeff Lyons, our web-jedi, has set this service up and it takes all of about 15 seconds to subscribe.  Simply click the "subscribe via email" link on the right side of this page, enter your email...

Re: Yesterday's sermon on singleness

Posted by Josh on

I asked Christy Ridings, a founding staff member of The Bridge who is single, if she would followup yesterday's sermon on singleness with a Monday morning post.  As is the case with anything that comes from Christy, it's awesome... Moving our question marks In my 14+ years of working...

ESV Bible App

Posted by Josh on

Crossway just released an ESV BIble App.  Some features... works with or without internet connection has four font sizes including large print lets you highlight verses, save favorites, and write notes looks amazing it's free! Get it here

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