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Baptism Story :: Dylan Cornett

Posted by admin on

This story is from the Cornett family. Dylan is getting baptized at the 11:00am worship gathering this Sunday. For nearly 10 years Autumn and Casey Cornett have had the privilege of loving, raising and instructing their son Dylan. Recently, they have been answering his intense questions about...

Tips for Missional Engagement

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

We find that a lot of Christians want to be on mission individually, as a family, and as part of their Missional Community. For most people it is more a question of “How?” and “Where do I start?”  Belong Before Believe Always be looking for ways to integrate...

Missional Community: Missional Engagement

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Every Christian is “sent” by God to make disciples. We are to live as missionaries in our very own community. Mission isn’t something that “super Christians” do when they go overseas. Mission is what Christians do as we engage unbelievers. Mission also isn’t...

Missional Community: Life Transformation Groups

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Life Transformation Groups are gender-specific, groups of 3-5 people who meet regularly to fight sin, apply the gospel to each other’s lives, and deepen their walk with God. The Format of a LTG: LTG’s are simple. They all have 3 phases: Hear and Obey (20 minutes): Every...

Series preview :: Finally Alive

Posted by Josh on

I am so excited about the series we're starting this weekend at The Bridge I could explode. Even though it's become unfashionable for Christians to talk about it, the New Testament is peppered with the idea of "being born again" or experiencing a "new birth". Jesus made a really startling...

Missional Community: Family Gathering

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Most people from our church are familiar with a typical small group meeting- have some finger foods, study the Bible for an hour, pray for each other, and hang out until everyone leaves. In this type of setting everyone knows what is being studied whether it is based off of a sermon series...

Missional Community: 3 Spheres of Life

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

There are 3 "spheres of life" in a Missional Community. Typically, these are spheres in which most people already live. When you read these, don't think of your already-busy schedule and freak out! The rhythms of a Missional Community are different than the rhythms of a normal small group /...

Blog Layout Options

Posted by on

BLOG LAYOUT OPTIONS  A Ministry Focused Layout  The e360 Strong (mk029) comes with Blog Layout 2. Check out other Blog Layout options for purchase here...E360 BLOG LAYOUTS  

Missional Community: 3 Primary Reasons

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

At The Bridge, Missional Communities are our primary vehicle for discipleship. I want to give you the 3 primary reasons why we have decided to make MCs our primary vehicle for discipleship instead of using a different philosophy of ministry.  These are 3 primary reasons we do Missional...

Why We're Transitioning To Missional Community

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

There are several reasons as to why we feel it is necessary to transition from "House Groups" to Missional Community. In this post, though, I am only going to discuss one major reason.  Is this a change in values? No. The values of our Communities remain "Life with God. Life as...

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