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"Believing in Jesus" can be just another work.

Posted by Josh on

A conversation I had with someone who struggled with parts of yesterday's sermon has been rattling around in my head since then.  This person has a really seeking heart, is an incredibly devoted mom, and is probably more generous than most people I meet.  She was impressive. And she...

New Bridge Kids Resources

Posted by Craig McKown on

Beginning this June, we are beefing up our kids ministry parent communication! Here are the new resources that you will find at the kids check in station and available for download on the kids page on the website:     The FRIDGE CARDS are weekly take-home sheets for parents of...

Is Every Christian Called to "Go"?

Posted by admin on

Recently, I was reading a popular Christian book about living a radical life for Christ. Much of the writer's point was how selfish we are sometimes, lavishing ourselves with nice homes and macked out church buildings, as we ignore the needs of others in far away places. While I...

How to read "bad news" in Scripture

Posted by Josh on

The Bible's picture of Mankind is about as encouraging as a swift kick to the groin or a terminal cancer diagnosis on your birthday. For instance, Romans 3, the most theologically comprehensive description of Man in Scripture, says... Not a single man is righteous or does anything good by...

5 ways to hate reproof

Posted by Josh on

This Proverb has nestled into my heart like a healing splinter in the last two weeks... Whoever loves correction, loves knowledge.  But he who hates reproof is stupid.  - Prov 12:1 Personal observation: the common denominator when I look at the people who are the most godly around me...

Spring Hill TN Church

Posted by Craig McKown on

OK, I have to admit that the title of this blog post has NOTHING to do with what I am about to write, but supposedly posting this in the title of a blog post will help people find The Bridge when they search the web for a church in Spring Hill, TN! Also, I truly believe that more people need to...

Why aesthetics and media are important to Jesus' mission

Posted by Josh on

I went through a phase in seminary when seeing any church that had a well-designed website or lights in their worship area really ticked me off.  My thought would always be along the lines of, "They're just selling out so they can be cool."  On the other end of this equation, I've...

Lessons from Ultimate Frisbee for Worship Teams

Posted by admin on

I wrote an original blog post called "Lessons From Ultimate Frisbee" last June. And apparently it has driven more traffic to the Bridge Blog than any other post, until Josh's post on Bin Laden a few weeks back. So in order to regain the "Search Engine Optimization" crown from Mr. Howerton...

Learn to say no to the good...

Posted by Craig McKown on

When I was in high school, I was a fanatic for good quotes. I even went so far as writing quotes all over the walls of my room (in permanent marker...sorry mom)! One of the quotes that I wrote on my wall was: Now, I must admit that as a high schooler, I thought about this quote in terms of...

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