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Theology Thursday: Biblical Interpretation

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This edition of Theology Thursday was written by Bridge Member- Dan Kassis!  The best way for a Christian to listen to a sermon is with both an open heart and an open mind. We want God to engage our hearts through preaching in a way that changes us, that further transforms us into His...

Practical ways a stay-at-home mom can observe a Sabbath

Posted by Josh on

Last week's sermon, Jesus and Sabbath, struck a chord in our church body.  While observing a Sabbath is a challenge for everyone in our "achieve and acquire" culture, it can pose a unique challenge to stay-at-home moms whose home IS is their workplace and much of whose work cannot be set...

Theology Thursday: Propitiation

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This blog is written by Bridger- Heath Hollensbe!  This week we are looking at the word “Propitiation.” Although it is a large and complex word, it is a beautiful word to those who understand it. As Christians, we must understand this, because not doing so, we only understand a...

How we're restructuring our staff

Posted by Josh on

Yesterday, I wrote a short post laying out how God has richly blessed our church body this year and talked about WHY we're restructuring our staff.  That post is HERE, and it is required reading before reading this post.  Seriously... go read it. Today, I want to lay out HOW we're...

Why we're restructuring our staff

Posted by Josh on

We've been saying this all year: right now we feel like a kite caught in a hurricane of God's grace.  While we're a long way off from realizing our vision for what The Bridge will become, the last year has been the most fruitful year I've ever seen in ministry - and it's not close.  As...

Theology Thursday: Conversion

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Theology can often be seen as unnecessary, divisive, or impractical when it is anything but. The Bible says the default mode of the human heart is idolatry – replacing the one, true God with something else in our lives. One way we fashion a false god is by imagining God as we wish he was...

Missional Resources

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

In our Gospel of Mark series Pastor Josh preached on Jesus and Mission last week. As you know, we talk a lot about mission. As we know, many of you still arent sure what "living on mission" is supposed to look like. What does the life of a missionary look like right here in Spring Hill? What...

Mission Trip: Madison, Wisconsin

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

We are REALLY excited about this trip. We are partnering with The Vine Church in Madison, WI. The Vine is a little over a year old trying to reach a very unreached city. Madison is only 5% evangelical, which is one of the lowest metropolitan areas in the US. They are led by these three godly...

Spring Hill Pay It Forward Festival

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Hey Bridge Family! As you heard the announcement on Sunday, we are a major sponsor for this Festival. This is a great community event in which all the money goes towards local charities. This is a great opportunity for us to love on and serve our community. We will have the chance to engage...

How We Deal With Homosexuals and Homosexuality

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This is an older post from a friend of mine, Trevin Wax. We have had several questions from many of you in regards to the recent news of North Carolina and President Obama on the issue of homosexuality. For this reason I am altering "Theology Thursday" a bit. This post should challenge us and...

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