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MC Leadership :: What does it look like?

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

As we think through leading a Missional Community it is important to have clarity on what a MC will look like and the role of the MC leader. This blog post is to discuss those two points.  
A Missional Community will look like: 8-18 adults and as many kids as come with those As...

Missions Guatemala :: Lewis Thomas

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

The Bridge has done Missions work in Guatemala for over 8 years. We have taken 7 teams through the When Will We Cry organization and we are excited about taking another team this year! Lewis Thomas leads this organization and we have done a little interview with him to tell you all a little...

MC Leadership :: What do I look for in a leader?

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

LEADERSHIP!!! That is often a terrifying, intimidating word to many people. When we hear the word "leadership" our minds jump to "responsibility, possibility of failure, anxiety, lack of knowledge, lack of skill" and on and on. What we forget is that we have the Holy Spirit within us...

How the Gospel drives Missional Community

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This is probably the most important blog post that can be written on Missional Community. We can write about the practices of Missional Community, discuss the details, and point to hundreds of verses in the Bible, but if the gospel isn't what drives us to Missional Community it becomes nothing...

Gathering as a Family :: What It Can Look Like

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Since talking a lot about Missional Community to our church body something very interesting has happened. I expected significant push back, there has only been a very little bit. What was most surprising though isnt that there is a tiny bit of push back, rather what the push back is about. I...

Blog Series: The Four Values of Bridge Worship Gatherings

Posted by admin on

How many of you would start your dream vacation by jumping on the first car that happened to pass by you in the parking lot of Jack of Hearts? I’m guessing few of you consider this an appealing plan, but just in case, here’s three reasons why it won't work - 1. You don’t have...

A Month In The Life of a Missional Community

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

When talking about Missional Community it is helpful to think in terms of a month not a week. Most of us are used to discussing our House Group/Small Group in terms of, "What do we do when we get together each week?" because it is the same thing every single week. With a...

Meet Our City :: A Petal For Your Thoughts

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Every once in awhile we like to highlight a local business in order to give people an opportunity to "Meet Our City." We often use the language that The Bridge is "for the city" meaning we want to see Spring Hill thrive. We are not here simply to get from our city, but to give. Today we want to...

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