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Exciting News for Bridge Kids Ministry

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Bridge family, a couple weeks ago we had 225 kids in our Kids Ministry on a Sunday morning. We are averaging over 210 kids per week. With our Kids Ministry being one of our largest, best mission fields that we have as a church it is highly important to us that we make sure we staff it...

Are you backing off preaching as much?

Posted by Josh on

The last couple weeks 5-6 people in our church body asked / emailed the same recurring question, so I wanted to explain the strategy behind it. The question has been some variation of... "I've noticed other people preaching more often. Are you backing off preaching as much?" Because 5-6 people...

My Gripping Fear for The Bridge Right Now...

Posted by Josh on

The Bridge is getting a lot of things. To this point, it's been impossible for our church to be about anything but a move of God because we haven't had much else. We're now a church of over 800 people with... A less-than-300 person auditorium No offices No phone line No worship pastor...

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