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Personal discipleship - part 4

Posted by Josh on

Encouraging Strengths & Addressing Weaknesses Jesus was constantly using moments in their lives together to help his disciples see their strengths and potential... and also to help them see their weaknesses.  We talked about this on Sunday, but part of being born-sinners is being...

Personal discipleship - part 3

Posted by Josh on

The meeting Of all the areas of personal discipleship this is the one that often causes the most fear.  Modeling doesn't sound too hard.  Addressing weaknesses and encouraging strengths - we can just cross that bridge when we get there.  But the meeting!  As soon as we start...

Personal discipleship - part 2

Posted by Josh on

The 3 components of discipleship OK, so someone's approached you about discipling them and you've said yes.  Awesome... but now what?  At this point many people freak out because they have no clue what to do after saying "yes".  When you look at the discipleship examples of Jesus...

Personal discipleship - part 1

Posted by Josh on

Really great day today in our worship gathering.  Our elders have been praying for a culture of personal discipleship to take root within The Bridge for a few months so we took this morning to look at the Biblical concept of discipleship... and our need for it.  Following up today's...

R U Connected??

Posted by admin on

Josh shared the vision for The Bridge during his last sermon and recently posted a recap on the blog. The elders worked and prayed about the vision, the budget and several other areas over the last several months. One of the areas the elders reviewed recently was our staff structure and what...

The goal.

Posted by Josh on

This Sunday I shared the elders' lifetime goal for The Bridge for the first time.  This came after much prayer, some fasting on behalf of the elders, and some very specific leading of the Holy Spirit in my life.  We uniformly believe this is the assignment God has given The...


Posted by admin on

Displacement is one of those scientific principles we learned in high school. It's the reason your full bath overflows when you get in it. Or the reason a ship will float. But this week I learned another application for this principle that really impacted me. The example used was a glass of...

Gospel in Life - Community Pt 1

Posted by admin on

OK, is it just our group or are others having difficulty with covering the session material in Gospel in Life in one sitting?!? So, I will go ahead and plan on posting another Community post next week as our group takes 2 weeks to discuss the abundance of material Timothy Keller provides - great...

Lessons from Ultimate Frisbee

Posted by admin on

I don't know what happens in a man's mind. Last week, I received an invitationto play ultimate frisbee on Sunday (yesterday). After consulting the weather and realizing that there was predicted an extreme heat warning, I declined. However, Sunday afternoon my 14 yr old son Christian decided he...

Suggested reading to followup yesterday's sermon

Posted by Josh on

A few people emailed or asked after yesterday's worship gathering "What can I do to grow doctrinally?".  MORE THAN ANYTHING, I suggest picking a theological issue that you've been wrestling with (election, sovereignty, justification, the Holy Spirit) and working out your problem by...

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