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Missional Methods and The Power Team

Posted by Craig McKown on

So, a recent Facebook comment/question that I posted led to a somewhat heated debate. The question I posed had to do with the methods used to advance the gospel. In this post, I gave an example of a method that some churches have used and simply asked for responses. The responses that were...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey Mckown!

Posted by Josh on

I feel safe posting this picture (which reveals a little something special about Lindsey's B-Day) because her husband, Pastor Craig, posted it on his Facebook wall.  Lindsey, if the publicity of this picture angers you, I'll help you punish Craig :) We love you, Lindsey. You're a great...

Searching For God Knows What

Posted by admin on

So, I'm reading Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller. I've been reading through all of Donald's books this summer starting with Blue Like Jazz. I would recommend any of his books if you want a different, and many times refreshing, look at Christianity. SFGKW spends a good deal of...

Let's redefine "work" and "obey"

Posted by Josh on

One of the most startling things I've seen in the last 16-ish weeks of preaching through Galatians was how the gospel redefines how we think about the words "work" and "obedience" in the Christian life in Galatians 5:6-7.  Here's how we usually think about "work" and "obedience"... Work =...

A quick note about upcoming HG Network upgrades...

Posted by Josh on

This Sunday we have a meeting for all current HG Leaders and Apprentices as well as anyone interested in future HG Leadership.  At this meeting, we'll be pulling back the curtain on some of the significant upgrades for the HG Network we'll be experimenting with that we're REALLY excited...

Hymns, hymns, hymns

Posted by admin on

A few weeks back, we made an intentional decision to try and sing at least one hymn each week during our Sunday gathering. Josh explained a little of this a few weeks back, but here's some additional information on hymns and our decision.   1. Many hymns have rich theological content...

Name that Bridger.

Posted by Josh on

I've been out of the loop for a week so I get two blog posts this Monday. I can't believe I haven't posted this before now. A few months ago I was sent these incriminating photos of a Bridge hero in his... well... "vintage" years.  Let's play "Name That Bridger!"  Who will be the...

A book recommendation (and why read Christian biography)

Posted by Josh on

Don't ignore this post because it's a book recommendation and you don't like to read. On vacation I reread John Piper's "Filling up the Afflictions of Christ" (link to FREE E-BOOK below), an INCREDIBLY SHORT book containing 3 brief stories of men and women who sacrificed their lives for the...

Front Porch Spirituality

Posted by admin on

I am writing this blog from, yes, my front porch. It's about 9 pm and tonight is the quintessential Tennessee summer night - a little humid, a little warm, lighting bugs, etc. I love summer. I love being outside. I think God created us to love His creation. During a long cold winter, especially...

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