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What does (and doesn't) make someone a Man

Posted by Josh on

PG-13 WARNING: because of the nature of this issue, a couple sentences may be seen as "PG-13" for some. Heads up! To toss some of my cards on the table, I have a specific burden for The Bridge to be a (rare) church that successfully reaches young men and produces godly young men.  By God's...

Profile of a Bridge elder candidate: Shae Hinson

Posted by Josh on

According to The Bible, Josh Howerton is not the Senior Pastor of The Bridge.  Jesus is the Senior Pastor of The Bridge and he leads our church through a group of humble, Jesus-loving, Biblically-qualified men The Bible calls "elders".  Under the guidance of Jesus through The Bible and...

Porterbrook Informational Meeting (and a SURPRISE!)

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

There has been a buzz about Porterbrook the last couple of months at The Bridge. We have over a dozen people already signed up and a TON of people have been asking me questions... A lot of you are pretty interested in Porterbrook, but just arent sure what it is exactly, why it would be helpful...

Are you Missional? Do you live as "one sent?"

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

I stole the following from my friend Trevin Wax (you might be noticing his name by now since Ive done this 3 times already): In the book Live Sent: You Are a Letter, Jason Dukes lays out 10 questions to help Christians discern whether or not they are operating with a missional mindset...

Theology Thursday: The Canon of Scripture

Posted by on

How can we be certain the books in our Bibles are the true canon of Scripture? What sets these books apart from other ancient writings the early church read and studied? In theological writings you will soon encounter the words "canon," "canonize," and "canonization." Ancient Greeks borrowed...

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