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An update on Bridge hiring and staff restructure

Posted by Josh on

Last week, we excitedly announced to our Bridge parents and Student Ministry volunteers - and then at camp this week, Bridge students - that Matt Svoboda is stepping into leadership of our Student Ministry. At camp this week students burst into spontaneous applause and cheering when Matt told...

Series profile :: The Seven

Posted by Josh on

Nashville is a "church city" and as a result, people have lots of opinions about the church in Nashville. Normal conversations in our city ask questions like... What church is the coolest? Which church has the best preaching? Which church has the best band / youth ministry / children's...

Some pics from Bridge Student Camp...

Posted by Josh on

30 people from our Student Ministry at camp this week. Word on the street is they're having kind of a good time and God is moving kind of powerfully in some students lives already ;) [gallery columns="2" ids="17475,17474,17473,17472"] CLICK HERE to see the rest of this album from camp

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