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technology for the glory of Jesus

Posted by Josh on

Jeff Lyons, The Bridge's official web-jedi, emailed me the site stats since we launched the new webpage not too long ago.  They blew me away... This year we've had 5,500 unique visitors (so actual people) to the site who have visited over 25,000 times and looked at 146,000 pages. Our...

Second Coming

Posted by admin on

As the Connections Pastor, I have an interesting role in attempting to connect the people God has entrusted to us. That seemingly simple process has eluded many church leaders - evident from the varied approaches, teachings and blog posts. The one clear message - God wants his church to be...

National Worship Leader Conference Recap

Posted by admin on

I was in Kansas City last week for the National Worship Leader Conference - a gathering of 1,600 worship leaders from all over the country. I was there in a business capacity, not an attendee, but I always learn some new things. 1. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It's a bit ironic that most worship...

A word about what God is doing in The Bridge right now

Posted by Josh on

The following is an email I sent to our staff and elders this morning after the growth we've seen recently.  In the last two weeks, worship gathering attendance has grown by more than 100 people with our second worship gathering already full after just launching three weeks ago.  While...

The Desert

Posted by admin on

One of the songs we sang in The Gathering this week really stuck with me. Songs have a way of doing that with me, but also with many people. Lyrics put to music have a way of moving into the memory - deep into the memory. Josh hit that well this week when he spoke of marinating our mind with the...

What makes us different?

Posted by admin on

I was having some quality "thinking time" this week while mowing the grass. Something about the drone of the mower allows me to ponder. Here's the thought: To the unbeliever, what distinction does Christianity have over other (or no) religions? What are we communicating about ourselves? IF we...

Simple Life?

Posted by admin on

I wonder what that phrase really encompasses. Simple Life. There is at least one book by that title by Thom and Art Rainer that outlines some great strategies for living a simple life, but I didn't have the time to finish reading the book. That  could be a problem... I think I know at...

Working from acceptance vs. working for acceptance

Posted by Josh on

Gospel vs. Religion has been the megatheme of the Holy Spirit's work in me this year.  Simply put, Jesus taught that there were three ways to live rather than two... Religion: "I obey, therefore I am accepted." Irreligion: "I accept myself." Gospel: "I am accepted because of what Jesus...

Strength and Weakness

Posted by admin on

As  a result of Josh's challenge a few weeks back, I am now involved in leading some guys in personal discipleship. I'm pumped about it. For awhile, I have felt that this was an area that was lacking in my spiritual life. I want to be a guy that encourages others the way that I've been...

Sermon series changeup

Posted by Josh on

So a TON of feedback from House Groups and individuals wrestling with yesterday's sermon and it's implications - specifically the concept that the New Testament doesn't give us direction to seek God's "individual will" for decisions that aren't moral decisions.  (i.e. What car should I buy?...

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