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Theology Thursday: Trinity

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

this post was written by Bridge Member, Heath Hollensbe!  TRINITY (1+1+1=1) The Trinity defined: The Trinity is one God who eternally exists as three distinct persons - Father, Son, and Spirit - who are each fully and equal God in eternal relation with each...

Is church membership biblical?

Posted by Josh on

Through the years, one thing we've realized as pastors is that to most people in our culture church membership seems (at best) like an outdated concept and at worst like a manipulation tool the "institutional church" has used to control people. At least that's what I've [Josh] thought! Quick...

2 things that kill Christian community

Posted by Josh on

This is short and über practical. I just walked out of time with 7 Bridge guys I love and respect and who are changing my life by creating a rich gospel culture amongst us brothers.  Everyone is desperate for the type of relationship I have with these men; few have it.  Here are...

11 Practical Ways for Men to Lead their Families

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Mark Driscoll has posted a great blog this morning that I needed to read. My guess is there are a lot of Bridge Church husbands that will benefit from these 11 tips as well: 1. As the family leader, model humility, honesty, repentance, service, study, and worship. Your life preaches at...

Our Week In Haiti

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

What God is doing in Jacmel, Haiti As most of you know a dozen Bridgers were in Haiti last week for a mission trip. I love mission trips. God's grace is funny in how we go to bless others and are always more blessed ourselves. We go to exalt Christ that he might change people's hearts and yet...

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