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Why can't I feel God right now?

Posted by Josh on

Confession: I'm in a season right now where I'm having to fight to "feel" in my walk with God.  In the Christian life there are some seasons in which... My heart is flooded with joy, conviction, and grace every time I open the Scriptures. Prayer from a dependent heart is as natural as...

Why does The Bridge Church have House Groups?

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

      At The Bridge Church, House Groups are our primary vehicle for Discipleship.  Disciples of Jesus live a life with God a life as family a life on mission The goal and aim of House Groups is to make disciples that live a life of faith in God, live as a family...

Proudly introducing The Bridge iPhone app...

Posted by Josh on

Boom baby!!! This is how awesome our newly-forming tech/web team is: I just found out we have an iPhone app and didn't even know one was coming!  I'm downloading it right now, so I don't even know all that it does!  Nonetheless, here's a screenshot... CLICK HERE to get more...

Titus 2 Collective News!

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Titus 2 Collective Gathering  We wanted to remind you of our next Titus 2 Collective gathering this Saturday, August 25th, 6:00pm-8:00pm. If you haven't signed up don't worry, you can just show up! There will be short teachings pertaining to sound doctrine and the characteristics of a...

Skeptics Welcome :: recap of this week / preview of next

Posted by Josh on

First off, even though WG's were all great this week, apologies for the sermon being a little "heady". I realized about halfway into my preparation this week that addressing this specific objection was going to require a different type of content than the other weeks of the series.  To...

Some thoughts on physical expressiveness in worship

Posted by Josh on

Someone who had been to The Bridge only twice pulled me aside after a worship gathering (WG) this week and asked if they could ask a "personal question".  After I braced myself for a very weird question, they asked this very reasonable question... So, why do you raise your hands during...

"How do I see Jesus in all of the Old Testament?"

Posted by Josh on

"And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself."  - Luke 24:27 If I could've been present for one conversation that Jesus ever had, I'd pick this one.  Right after his resurrection he goes through the entire...

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