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Series Preview: The Faithful Family

Posted by Josh on

I'm so excited about the series we're starting this weekend in WG's that I could explode. In all of life, there's nothing like The Family. Maybe nothing on earth can bring so much happiness. And maybe nothing on earth can bring so much hurt. Moments of indescribable joy are often followed by...

Missional Community Training

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Bridge family, we are starting a new class in order to better train our church in Missional Community. This is not a training just for leaders or potential leaders, it is for everyone. We know that you can't live in Missional Community together if only the leader has a clear understanding...

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

Posted by Josh on

One quick followup from yesterday's (INCREDIBLE!) WG's... My favorite part of our WG's yesterday was hearing audible gasps from people throughout the room as the concept of "Jesus as the hero of the Old Testament" clicked. We preached Joshua 1:1-9 (sermon audio HERE) and spent the first...

Doses of sanity for August

Posted by on

Once again, it feels as if I simply blinked and August arrived. Summer break seems to wind down so quickly, while we begin to cram our calendars full for the fall semester. The list of activities we as parents seem compelled to complete seems to be endless: school registration, homeschool...

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