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Posted by admin on

I started thinking... I enjoy my Suburban. Almost 10 years old, 205,000 miles and a I seriously think I will get a minimum of 300K miles! I have taken care of the "truck" through the years, spent time and money to make sure it was well cared for. But, in the end, it is a depreciating asset and...

Thoughts About Mission Trips

Posted by admin on

I've been on several mission trips both domestically and internationally. Usually these trips include some type of service/helps project and some form of sharing the Gospel. If you google the benefits of short term missions, you'll probably get mixed opinions on their effectiveness. Some believe...


Posted by admin on

As God continues to move through The Bridge Church to heal and restore the hearts of men and women, I thought this video would be a great reminder. Breathe in Grace, breathe out Grace... Enjoy. [youtube spr9aCNdRbU]

the power of "me too"

Posted by Josh on

To be open, this last season of ministry has been the most challenging I've faced so far.  It's been so weird because while we've had unprecedented effectiveness... LOTS of growth (our 2nd worship gathering is already almost full) Over 100 adults pursuing personal discipleship through...

The result of the money we sent to Guatemala

Posted by Josh on

Just got this update from Guatemala today.  This is what resulted from The Bridge sending money for relief from the catastrophic mudslides in Guatemala.  Some pictures are below. Praise Christ! First of all let me say that words cannot express our gratitude for the help we have...

Raising Up the Next Generation of Leaders

Posted by admin on

Something cool is happening at the Bridge. Well, lots of cool stuff is happening, but what I'm referring to is the raising up of young ministry leaders. I see it happening in the student ministry, children's ministry, preaching, worship leading, discipleship groups. Even our tech team is...


Posted by admin on

How connected are you? I am not talking about the connectedness that is typically associated with career advancement, I am thinking more along the lines of a connected group of people that will support and encourage, strengthen and sharpen, but also weep and pray - with you. There is a...

Is Using Instruments in Worship Biblical?

Posted by admin on

I grew up in the Church of Christ denomination. Trust me, I'm fully aware of the irony since I lead a band every Sunday morning! I'm often reminded that I'm a black sheep when I get together with my extended family, who are still a part of the Church of Christ denomination. For the most part...

One further note from today...

Posted by Josh on

There are a ton of things I love about preaching and just a few that I hate.  One of the things I hate the most is that preaching to a large group makes it impossible to address the nuances of every situation which sometimes causes hurt, confusion, and can even lead to sin.  This is...

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