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Resource Table: part 3

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This is the last post letting you all know what resources are on our Resource Table!  There will be another post in a week or two as we add some things! 1) Generous Justice by Tim Keller  My neighbor is poor and doesn't know Jesus.  Do I need to be more concerned with telling...

Redeeming Halloween

Posted by Craig McKown on

When I was a kiddo, I very rarely had the opportunity to participate in "Trick or Treating." Instead, I had the privilege of dressing up as David, Moses, Gideon or Joseph (from the Bible) and attending "Halleluiah Nights" (which was my church's way of rejecting this "pagan" holiday and creating...

Resource Table: Part 2

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

This is the second post introducing the resources we have decided to put on the Resource Table! 1) Worldliness by CJ Mahaney Worldliness is a short book that simply addresses the issue of worldliness in our lives.  We are try to "live in the world, but not of it."  The "but not of...

Resource Table: Part 1

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Over the next three days I am going to be sharing what resources have made it on our Resource Table and why.  We have chosen all of the books for a specific reason and we think they will be a great way to build up the body.  Just so everyone knows- we have not added any amount onto...

Idolatry 101

Posted by Josh on

"Our human minds are a perpetual factory of idols."                                    - John Calvin In WG's yesterday we hit one of THE megathemes of Scripture: idolatry.  Here's what most of...

Bridge Member: "My mom has terminal cancer"

Posted by Josh on

I recently wrote a message to a Bridge member whose mom is suffering with terminal cancer.  As many of you know, in seasons like this questions abound and all of a sudden it becomes a challenge to find an anchor for your soul.  With his permission, here's my counsel to this...

The Bridge's tentative church-planting strategy

Posted by Josh on

As The Bridge has continued to grow and we've frequently communicated our longterm vision to plant and revitalize churches, some variation of this question has been asked more and more... We're outgrowing our current space. Are we going to be planting a church soon? If so, when? While I'm...

Spring Hill: a God-filled City

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Wouldn't it be great to be able to describe our city as a "God-filled City?" I don't know about you, but God did some serious heart work in me last Sunday.  Pastor Josh preached through the first part of Nehemiah 2 and he connected the relationship between prayer and action in chapters 1...

Mormonism, Doctrine, and the Gospel

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

Most at The Bridge Church has had the concept of Theological Triage laid out for them.  To summarize- 1st Tier Theological issues are what we consider gospel issues.  It is the very doctrines that make up the gospel- for example: Trinity, resurrection of Jesus, justification by faith...

Showing items for 'August 2011'

Trust, Suspicion, & Jesus

Posted by Craig McKown on

I am a church leader; yet, often I am suspicious of other church leaders. Part of this is because I have had past experiences that created (or reinforced) this suspicion. I also know that I am not alone in my suspicion. Recent research shows that 37% of people who leave churches do so due to...

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