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Bridge Staffing Update

Posted by Matt Svoboda on

  Chris Hollomon // Adult Discipleship Director I'm really excited to announce The Bridge has hired Chris Hollomon to serve as our Adult Discipleship Director. He will oversee our Community Group Network, Growth Track, and Care (Rob DeWitt will continue doing his same role)...

Tips for Leading Community Groups Well

Posted by on

In leading groups, we have discovered several key essentials to creating the optimum group environment for God to work in.   STAY CONNECTED  This essential reminds us to stay spiritually nourished.  In John 15, Jesus uses the metaphor of a vine and branches to instruct his...

Five Practices for a Successful Community Group Experience

Posted by on

Modified from Eddie Mosley’s blog Connecting In Community (eddiemosley.com)   “Leading a small (community) group is more like gardening than being a mechanic” Greg Bowman The Bridge has five objectives for our Community Groups: Family, Encouragement, Scripture, Prayer...

5 Steps to Get to Know Your Group Members

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This is an excerpt from an article by Jon Noto, who is a Community Life Pastor and licensed clinical counselor at Willow Creek Community Church's North Shore campus. To read the full article, click here. The elements of a person’s story can help you uncover important details about the...

Missional Rhythms in Our Groups

Posted by Matthew Stone on

As we are wrapping up our Missional Living curriculum series, I wanted to share some quick ideas of missional rhythms my Community Group added into our group. I don’t take any credit for these ideas, all from my wife, but our group bought in and these rhythms helped us reach out to our...

CRAZY THOUGHT: Start a Community Group This Summer

Posted by Matthew Stone on

When I was a kid, summer started as school ended (before Memorial Day) and lasted until after Labor Day. We actually had enough time to wonder what we would do with ourselves. Sure, there was church camp, sports and family vacations, but there were weeks upon weeks of playing outside and...

For The City Initiative

Posted by Matthew Stone on

THE BRIDGE CHURCH’S FOR THE CITY INITIATIVE As a part of our continuing For The City initiative, The Bridge Church continues to partner with the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Middle Tennessee. The goal of our For The City initiatives is to mobilize our Community Groups in the city by living...

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