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Faith and Culture Links /// Homophobia, Jesus & Politics, and Christian Clichés

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The Scriptures call Christians to “take every thought captive to obey Christ”. In obedience to this command, Christians don’t naively receive the prevailing thought-culture or coldly reject the prevailing culture, but seek to lovingly redeem culture. These faith & culture links aim to help us redemptively consider timely cultural issues through the timeless lens of the gospel. Do not read these as word-for-word endorsements, but as links to help you think wisely and Biblically through complex issues.


Homophobia Has No Place In The Church, Nick Roen. In this Article, Nick tells of an encounter he had with a gentleman who thought all gay people were aggressive and dangerous. He explains how this mindset is harmful and hurtful and does not accomplish what the Church's mission should be towards those in the gay community. "Simply put, homophobia means a fear of homosexuality and, more specifically, homosexual people. And while it is not the same as loving, biblical opposition to certain behaviors or beliefs, this fear-based attitude often leads to unhelpful stereotypes, prejudice, and even cruel mistreatment."

Jesus and Politics

"Is It True Jesus Was Not 'Political' During His Time On Earth?", Bruce Ashford. "In certain contemporary American senses of the world “political,” no he was not. He never took out newspaper ads telling the folks in Nazareth to “vote for option C in the sewage referendum.” He was not a government official and never ran for public office. He never spent his free time on Facebook yelling at people from the other side of the political aisle, employing a generous use of the CAPS LOCK and !!!!!!!!!! keys to make his points. But in a deeper sense, Jesus’ ministry was profoundly, thoroughly, and inescapably political." Click on the article at the top to continue reading!

Christian Clichés That Need To Die

5 Christian Clichés That Need To Die, Matt Smethurst. In this article, Matt gives us 5 clichés that we hear all the time that really have no truth behind them! Click on the link to find some humor for your weekend!

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