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Faith and Culture Links /// The Shack, Refugees, and Polymary

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The Scriptures call Christians to “take every thought captive to obey Christ”. In obedience to this command, Christians don’t naively receive the prevailing thought-culture or coldly reject the prevailing culture, but seek to lovingly redeem culture. These faith & culture links aim to help us redemptively consider timely cultural issues through the timeless lens of the gospel. Do not read these as word-for-word endorsements, but as links to help you think wisely and Biblically through complex issues.

Happy Valentine's Day to You. And You. And You. (Polyamory As the New Normal), Bruce Ashford. Our world is ever changing, and so are the words we use to name our sin. "Polyamory" is a relatively new tern used to describe a non-polygamous relationship. In this article below, Bruce Ashford explains how this concept of love, sex, and relationships is damaging and non-glorifying to God. Read his article to gain a Biblical understanding on this damaging way of life and how you can help shepherd those who are swayed by it.

Refugee Crisis/Suspension

Even though it has been a few weeks since this was in the limelight, it's still an important issue to confront from a biblical perspective. Here, Russell Moore addresses President Trump in a convicting letter over there executive decision to suspend immigrants from certain countries. In this article, David Platt gives 5 biblical truths on how we are to respond to refugees.

The Shack

"The Shack" is a very popular book that was published in 2010 by William Young. It follows the story of a man who loses something very dear to him and how he reconnects with God through his loss. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this fictional story and how it portrays God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We encourage you to read this article from Timothy Keller and further understand Paul Young's understanding of God and the atonement of Jesus




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